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Refrigerator Repair Service

Though we would all like our refrigerators to last forever you may find that you will need a refrigerator repair service now and then. General appliance repair usually doesn't have the urgency of of needing to repair your refrigerator. 

We use them every day and if they break they can actually cost you a lot of money.  We used to own a Kenmore Elite that broke down on us multiple times.  We ended up needing a refrigerator repair service on the weekend which can be pretty challenging.  We ended up having to settle with a local general appliance repair shop that replaced the motor with a generic motor.  At the time of course we were thankful since we had a big bottom freezer full of expensive meat that we had bought in bulk at a warehouse store to "save" money.  It ended up being pretty expensive since the call was both on the weekend and the repair mechanic didn't have the specific part he needed but we really didn't have a choice since we were desperate.

From that experience and the other 2 times we had to replace the motor on our fridge we learned that it is really important to understand your options when it comes to appliance repairs especially when you need to find a refrigerator repair service.  When you first purchase your refrigerator it is important to understand the warranty.  Many warranties are clear when it comes to the amount of time you will be covered but you may be surprised to know not all parts are covered in some warranties.  This can make a big difference in how much you will have to pay the refrigerator repair service you choose.  Be sure to keep the paperwork and read it before you call the appliance repair service.  Your best option is usually to go directly to the place that sold you the refrigerator.  For example, we bought our Kenmore Elite at Sears and it would have been cheaper to go to them the initial time we had a problem with our fridge but since they were not available on the day that we needed and further did not have appointments until days out we had no choice but to call a local refrigerator repair service.  Depending on the amount of food you have and whether the refrigerator is totally broken (not keeping things cold enough not to spoil) the choice may be different for you.

Going directly to the store or a shop that works specifically for a brand like Maytag for instance is usually the safest choice.  They usually have appliance parts on hand that will eliminate more waiting.  Stores like Home Depot, Lowe's, Best Buy and Sears for example will have refrigerator repair service specialists for the specific brands and models that they sell which usually cover a broad range of the major brands like Whirlpool, Maytag and Frigidaire.

If these options are not available to you or you find them too expensive you will have to decide how to choose amongst the many local refrigerator repair service shops in your area.  There are some opinions online about certain service providers and looking on the internet is definitely a good choice for both finding a repair shop and possibly doing some research about reviews on the refrigerator repair service shops that you find.  There is always the possibility that your friends or family know a good appliance repair service.  Ask if they can recommend a refrigerator repair service that they have actually used.  You might be surprised to find how many people find themselves in need of home appliance repairs.

Lastly as you deal with the repair mechanics be sure to ask questions about the problem.  This will help you on many fronts.  First you want to make sure if there are any parts that were replaced whether they have a warranty.  You don't want to pay for the same part again and if you find you have to you may decide you are better off buying another refrigerator.  You also should ask whether there is something you and your family can do to make sure the part lasts longer.  A good example of that is looking at how you put things in the refrigerator and whether you open and close the refrigerator too much.  Keeping the door open too long forces the motor to have to rev up and if you do that often the life of the motor of course will be affected.  If you invested in a good sized refrigerator odds are the cost benefit of using a refrigerator repair service is favorable but if you find you are repairing the same fridge over and over it may just be time to get a new one.

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