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Washer Dryer Repair - When to Fix versus Buy?

 Washer dryer repair may be needed at the same time when you have a stackable or combination washer dryer.  Many times the first question people ask is whether they should be repairing their appliances at all.

Washing your clothes and drying them can be a pretty big part of your household work and when they break they can really interfere with your life.  If you are lucky enough to live in a city where you can find a nearby Laundromat you still have to pack the clothes up so that you can carry them over while you look at your washer dryer repair options.  If you don't live near a Laundromat you may have to drive to one while you figure things out.

If you have a combination or stackable washer dryer repair will depend on a cost versus buy analysis.  Usually combination washer dryer units are used in apartments that do not have lots of space though the stackable ones can definitely run high end like the Maytag washer and dryer I have in my laundry room now.  Washing machine options also have leaned more toward front loaded versus top loaded that can help you save energy and water.

I found a great video by a how to site that offers their take on whether you should repair or buy a new appliance when yours breaks.  Washer and dryer repair is one of the topics they talk about but they also advise you on other repair or replace options on a range of home appliances.  Their discussion brings the ecofriendly appliance choices into the picture emphasizing EnergyStar ratings when you do decide to replace an appliance.

Here is the video:

These are great thoughts on your home appliance repair options.  I found the thought of all the old appliances going into the landfill alarming.  Washer dryer repair can definitely be an option consider the advice that if it costs half the price of a new appliance to repair it odds are the newer appliance will be worth it both in peace of mind and savings in energy.

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